I had a productive session with my main client on Tuesday. We have started work on a track that she wrote previously, but wants to do a new direction in the arrangement, making it more electronic, which is definitely the style that I enjoy arranging/composing. I’m starting to understand the relation between chords, melodies and lyrics now. It just makes more sense, how the chords trigger with timing of words, or the words map to a melody. This is helping me with writing my own lyrics.

While discussing ideas with Solvéig, she showed me songs that gave the vibe that she wants for her song. I realised how important it is to listen to other music, as it helps to create ideas, and discovering new artists allows new ideas to happen.

This week I have been listening to new inspiration that I’ve found through spotify.

Fred Falke’s  ‘It’s a memory’ Amtrak Remix has influenced the arrangement on my latest track. It’s very clubby/dancey with side chained synths, and the lyrics have inspired me to write on this track, when I originally didn’t think there would be any lyrics.

Air’s ‘Alone in Kyoto’ and ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ have subconsciously been seeping into my brain as I had them on in the background. (I discovered Air when I first watched Lost In Translation, which is an awesome film.) Their rhythms and melodies have been particularly inspiring.

Grand Pavilion’s Foreign Escape album is on repeat at the moment, and really helping with figuring out dynamics and including a range of percussion in half electronic beats.

So I’m figuring out the arrangement to my new track, and I’ve parked a track that I was working on last week for now, as I’ve hit a wall. I’m really pleased with my work so far, and I feel that I have definitely improved my songwriting skills.






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