18 EP

So the EP is complete. Yesterday, I presented it to an industry panel, and I won a Music Production Award. They really liked the tracks, and how I spoke about my role in producing this product.

The EP will be going up on soundcloud, but also Spotify. This would be a good thing to do,  in order to get Molly noticed in the transgressive indie pop scene, which could happen if her tracks appear in playlists or get noticed by radio stations such as XFM, BBC 6, or Radio 1.

Today I handed over the tracks to her, and she is very pleased with how they have been finished. I feel that I have lived and breathed this product, and I have strived to make it to an industry standard. 18 EP Artwork.png

Here is a review from Molly on working with me:

“When I first met Bert, it was with the intention of starting a pop-rock band. I wanted nothing more than to sing catfish and the bottlemen on stage and feel like a proper rebel, a real musician. Bert saw the fliers I’d hung up looking for band members and reached out to me as a drummer. The first time we ever played together I knew I wanted her to be in the band and that I didn’t have to look any further. She was talented and easy to work with, she was hard working and patient. Needless to say, the band didn’t really kick off, we were all a bit busy with college work to make time for a band, but I was glad that it happened, otherwise I may not have found Bert or worked with her on this EP.

It was probably three months later when I was halfway through writing my album that I came into contact with Bert again. I didn’t know if she’d like the work I was making because it was very different from the heavier, band music we played before. But I knew she was a producer and wanted to see if she had any advice for my me. I wasn’t looking for a full time producer, I thought I might dabble in working with a couple of different collaborators, but we hit it off pretty quickly and naturally started building momentum and working on all my tracks together.

We casually arranged to meet in a booth for me to show her some tracks and I sat her down and played her ‘6/10’. Her reaction really inspired me, she was very excited and that got me very excited and for the first time, I felt like I was working on something really cool, something bigger than myself. 

Over the following months, I played Bert everything I wrote, and everything I was working on. And week by week, we began laying down our favourite tracks. During the process, Bert has shown me how to use reverb and compress vocals, and working with her I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about mixing, and making a track sound really polished and clean. 

I was a complete beginner on logic at the start of making the album, but through experimentation, and working with Bert, I’ve gained a lot of new skills.

This has been a learning curve but also a lot of fun. After countless hours in the studio, we’ve helped each other through personal problems and formed a friendship. I really hope we can work together again some day as it has been a real pleasure.” 

It will be interesting to see what happens with Molly’s music, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

IMG_3549 copy



Music is up!

I have put my remix of Feel Real Love up on band camp! I felt this was the best decision for now to get my music out there at the price of £1. It was free to upload it, and I get to keep 100% of profits. This is the best deal for now, and it’s only one track. It will be interesting to see if anyone buys it, but this is a solution while I look more into aggregators and getting my music on to Spotify or iTunes in the near future.

Check it out on band camp here: https://rwsounds.bandcamp.com/track/feel-real-love-remix


How has your opinion changed of what you do?

My opinion of what I do has definitely changed. I have confirmed to myself that I’m a producer, and I have produced an EP for a client. I didn’t think that was possible for me yet. I always thought that producers told the artist how they should sound, and made a lot of the decisions, whereas most of the time, the artist decides what they want, and the producer helps them to create it.

In terms of re-classifying/ altering the format of my work since stage 1, I think I have changed my approach by being concise about what I’m posting and regularly informing followers of what I’ve been working on with my client.

Where will my work be placed?

The EP that I have produced for my client will be up on Soundcloud, and I have spoken to my client about putting it up on Spotify through an aggregator. There are a couple of aggregators that allow you to put your music up for free, but you get a slightly lower percentage return, as they have to take a cut.

For my remix of Feel Real Love, I’m going to try and put it up on Spotify, so then I at least have reached that target, see if people listen to it and if it gets on to any playlists.

Live events, physical release, and video/radio promotion are all up to my client. It would be great to make some music videos and have a physical release of the EP to a CD.


Social media progress

Have I hit my social media targets?


My main target was to generally increase likes, engagement and reach. I have managed to do this over the last month, so it has increased. However, I would like it to be more consistent or constant. In order to do this, I need to post more and maybe pay to get a higher reach on posts. However, over the whole course of the year, it has increased steadily, and that’s what I’m pleased to see.


I tried to link up my insights of my Instagram account to my Facebook page, but I wasn’t able to as I don’t have enough followers. (You have to have at least 100 followers). Since posting videos tracking my progress as a producer, I’ve had up to almost 50 likes and 20 views. This is more than I was expecting, so I’m pleased with these results. I have definitely hit my targets so far, but I would like my Instagram presence and follower count to increase over the next 6 months.


Twitter hasn’t really been a success as I keep forgetting to tweet! So it’s not really a helpful tool for me. Instagram and Facebook are definitely worth investing my time into. I use Twitter more to professionally stalk contacts and keep up to date on other producers / artists.



The Great Escape festival was really useful for networking and gaining contacts. I got talking with the sound engineer on my final shift, and he has passed on my soundcloud portfolio for sync music, as he knows someone who manages a group of writers for sync. This is really helpful for getting my music out there, and potentially finding work writing for TV or Film.


Steady Progress 19/5/17

This week I’ve steadily progressed on promoting myself. My videos have been getting between 16 and 20 views on Instagram and over 20 likes. This is all due to the hashtags I’m using, which is helpful in gaining new followers and people noticing what I’m doing. I try to document my working process and focus on talking about something specific that I’m doing, which keeps the videos concise and easy to watch.

I am also volunteering at The Great Escape Fest in Brighton over the next couple of days and I have already been talking to people and trying to make new contacts. I’ve gone up to people and introduced myself, asking them questions and telling them a bit about me to gain interest, this technique has worked well so far, so I’ll keep doing it. I’m currently a venue rep assistant, just carrying out any jobs the Venue rep wants me to do, and assist other staff when needed. Tomorrow night I’m at a different venue assisting the sound engineer which will be a good opportunity to gain new contacts.