The Great Escape festival was really useful for networking and gaining contacts. I got talking with the sound engineer on my final shift, and he has passed on my soundcloud portfolio for sync music, as he knows someone who manages a group of writers for sync. This is really helpful for getting my music out there, and potentially finding work writing for TV or Film.



Market Analysis

How would you classify your work? – I classify my work as compositions/ soundtracks which would suit Film & TV. I write electronic/ambient music primarily, but I also work as a studio engineer/producer for Pop/Indie/Rock depending on the artist. I don’t stick to just one area, as I want to have a lot of skills across the music industry.

Peer Practitioner – someone who is working within the same field, that you look up to for guidance and make comparisons against on work.

Name & Briefly describe a current peer practitioner that could be a useful example to gauge stats/progress/connections against – Cristobal Tapia De Veer 

Cristobal Tapia De Veer is a film and TV score composer based in Montreal, Canada.

He has composed the score for Channel 4’s Humans (2014), Utopia (2012), and BBC’s Jamaica Inn, as well as other productions. 

Key career achievement & why- One of Cristobal’s achievements is creating the award winning (RTS best original music award) soundtrack for Channel 4’s Utopia. Channel 4 are a very different, independent and creative channel. To have your work successfully featured with Channel 4 gains a lot of publicity. 

Cristobal has gone on to score for a new channel 4 program ‘National Treasure’ this year (2016), and other productions such as ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’. This shows that De Veer’s work is liked in the industry, as he has been able to work on new projects.

Key Structural relationships e.g- label, publisher, website, management etc

Cristobal is managed under Free Run Artists (Montreal, Canada)

The Utopia soundtrack was released with Silva Screen Records.

In comparison, Cristobal has a lot of experience, and has been very lucky to work on such creative and successful projects. I would like to be able to score for similar styles of programs, possibly with Channel 4, depending if a director likes my work. The world of film & Tv is very subjective, and the industry is constantly changing.