Music is up!

I have put my remix of Feel Real Love up on band camp! I felt this was the best decision for now to get my music out there at the price of £1. It was free to upload it, and I get to keep 100% of profits. This is the best deal for now, and it’s only one track. It will be interesting to see if anyone buys it, but this is a solution while I look more into aggregators and getting my music on to Spotify or iTunes in the near future.

Check it out on band camp here:



Social media progress

Have I hit my social media targets?


My main target was to generally increase likes, engagement and reach. I have managed to do this over the last month, so it has increased. However, I would like it to be more consistent or constant. In order to do this, I need to post more and maybe pay to get a higher reach on posts. However, over the whole course of the year, it has increased steadily, and that’s what I’m pleased to see.


I tried to link up my insights of my Instagram account to my Facebook page, but I wasn’t able to as I don’t have enough followers. (You have to have at least 100 followers). Since posting videos tracking my progress as a producer, I’ve had up to almost 50 likes and 20 views. This is more than I was expecting, so I’m pleased with these results. I have definitely hit my targets so far, but I would like my Instagram presence and follower count to increase over the next 6 months.


Twitter hasn’t really been a success as I keep forgetting to tweet! So it’s not really a helpful tool for me. Instagram and Facebook are definitely worth investing my time into. I use Twitter more to professionally stalk contacts and keep up to date on other producers / artists.


Social Media 10/5/17

I have posted four videos on my Instagram already this week to visually show what I’ve been doing in the studio. I found that this is an easy way to explain what I’ve done, and I’m getting a lot more interaction from followers. The last video has got 51 likes! Which is insane, it’s all due to hashtags and the content that I cover. I keep my videos concise, focusing on a couple of specific points.

The posts I’ve done on my Facebook this week have got a fair amount of views. The top post was promoting my client’s track that I produced, and it reached 30 people. I could boost the amount of people it reaches for £4, which would reach between 1000 and 4000 people. Other people I know have done this, and said that it really does work, so I could try it out.

Instagram and Facebook are definitely the best social media types for me to use, as they are providing a lot more interaction and engagement from followers. I’m pleased that I’ve been doing video updates and the quality/ content of my videos has improved as well.

Social media/ Promotion techniques

I have put together a plan of the promotional work that I am doing with my client. This is a good way for me to keep track of what I have achieved with my client, and how this helps to promote myself as a producer.

So with Molly, we are creating an EP, and 4 tracks have been written so far. Two of the tracks are up on Molly’s soundcloud, so that’s how she is promoting her music. I have promoted her track ‘Feel Real Love’ on my producer Facebook, written about it on here, and done a video reviewing the session of it on my instagram. This technique is really working well so far, as I have had more likes and engagement on my Facebook, and Instagram. You can see from the graph below that Facebook and Instagram are the best currently for hits and engagement, compared to my blog and soundcloud. I’m basing this on the top post/ views/ per week. It will be interesting to see how the stats develop over the next few weeks.

The plan is to continue this technique, as it’s working really well. We will do this for all the tracks, and try to be consistent when posting to get constant engagement. It’s interesting, because normally people keep things quiet when they’re going to release new material to keep the suspense, whereas consistently updating and giving little previews still keeps the suspense, but also generates more exposure and keeps people interested.

So the idea at the moment is to release the EP on soundcloud, as this is for Molly’s FMP. I will discuss with her the idea of getting her music on to spotify if she wants to try this.

I’d like to explore other techniques such as doing a live stream of a studio session on Facebook and see how much engagement that generates. The videos are currently getting more engagement and views on Instagram than youtube, which makes sense as people are constantly on Instagram.

I have also just done a remix of ‘Feel Real Love’ and I will release this on soundcloud. I’m not sure whether to release it just yet, as I want ‘Feel Real Love’ to get exposure first, but sometimes simultaneously releasing can work well?

A couple of other things that I have thought of and we’ve discussed is to play a gig together, and I also would like to do a music video for one of the tracks if we have time. Playing a gig will help to boost exposure for both me and Molly. Also, by doing a music video it adds to my skills and experience, and will gain exposure for Molly. A preview/trailer for the video on Facebook first would help to get interest, and then release it on youtube.

I feel that these techniques will continue to be successful.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 15.30.02

Marketing update 23/4/17


I set up a professional instagram to showcase an online portfolio of my work as a producer last week, and it has been successful. The engagement has been consistent. I’ve gained 13 followers in total, all of my posts have over 10 likes. I’ve done update videos to document my journey as a producer, I’ve put them up on instagram and youtube. My videos have had more views on instagram, which could be due to including more tags, and people look at instagram more than youtube. 

My Instagram is: rwsounds

Marketing Campaign Updated

My ideas have changed since starting my marketing campaign.

I am a service provider as a Producer/Composer.

How have I marketed my tracks? – I have put my two production tracks up on Soundcloud, and posted about the tracks on my artist Facebook page. My music is difficult as it can’t be put out into the mainstream easily because it’s aimed towards TV & Film. However, I have been keeping tabs on the Shooting People Brighton film group, and I posted on there promoting my service.

Where can the work be placed to attract attention? – My work can be placed on Soundcloud, and I can post about it on my Facebook artist page. This will help to generate interest. I can also post previews of the tracks on my instagram to promote them. Ideally, my work would be suitable in Pitchfork, or on Film music sites.

My client is writing new material and is starting to play gigs in Brighton and the local area, so this is helping to promote my service as a producer as well as her talent.

A couple of targets are to have at least 10 plays on soundcloud for the tracks, and at least 10 people viewing the posts on my artist Facebook page. This would help to raise my profile as a producer, and I have more of a chance of people discovering my music. It would be great to gain 5 new followers on soundcloud and have 5 more likes on Facebook by the end of February. After putting Summertime Sadness up on Soundcloud, within an hour, Atlantic Records A & R had followed me and liked the track. This is very unusual, and could be very beneficial to progressing with my client.

Who do I develop relationships/networking with?

Already in the first term I have made three new contacts. One contact was Make This Noise who assigned us a training brief to write music for an advert. They are a valuable contact as my music suits adverts, TV & Film. They are one of the leading companies in the sector who represent some high profile clients such as Nike. Another contact is an acquaintance I met at a party who is heading into a similar direction as me on her music production course. It is good to stay in touch, as we may need to collaborate in the future. My other contact is my main client, as she has music connections in the US, and this is really helpful as I would like to venture out to the US, work with other producers, and build up my reputation.

I have also been networking with friends, they all work in a range of sectors such as fashion, photography, film, graphic design etc. This is really helpful to me as you never know who you need to collaborate with on a project, and a lot of art projects need sound design or music.

The main technique that I have used so far to promote my work is to just meet people at events, and use word of mouth and personal recommendations from friends and family to gain work.


-Work with one main client to produce an album by the end of the year. So far, I have produced three tracks with Solveig.

-Keep social media updated: Regularly post about what I have achieved, what I’ve been working on, and what I’m aiming for

-Make videos of me working in the studio to show my skills as an engineer/producer. This will raise awareness of my role as a producer, and hopefully give insight to potential clients who might want to work with me.