How has your opinion changed of what you do?

My opinion of what I do has definitely changed. I have confirmed to myself that I’m a producer, and I have produced an EP for a client. I didn’t think that was possible for me yet. I always thought that producers told the artist how they should sound, and made a lot of the decisions, whereas most of the time, the artist decides what they want, and the producer helps them to create it.

In terms of re-classifying/ altering the format of my work since stage 1, I think I have changed my approach by being concise about what I’m posting and regularly informing followers of what I’ve been working on with my client.


Where will my work be placed?

The EP that I have produced for my client will be up on Soundcloud, and I have spoken to my client about putting it up on Spotify through an aggregator. There are a couple of aggregators that allow you to put your music up for free, but you get a slightly lower percentage return, as they have to take a cut.

For my remix of Feel Real Love, I’m going to try and put it up on Spotify, so then I at least have reached that target, see if people listen to it and if it gets on to any playlists.

Live events, physical release, and video/radio promotion are all up to my client. It would be great to make some music videos and have a physical release of the EP to a CD.



The Great Escape festival was really useful for networking and gaining contacts. I got talking with the sound engineer on my final shift, and he has passed on my soundcloud portfolio for sync music, as he knows someone who manages a group of writers for sync. This is really helpful for getting my music out there, and potentially finding work writing for TV or Film.



Successes / Failures of Marketing Stage 1 and planning stage 2


I released my tracks on soundcloud gaining a total of 17 plays. I wasn’t disappointed with this figure because I was pleased to just get the tracks complete and up there to show that I had created something. I’ve just checked back, and it’s gone up to 20 plays in total. So, not a significant difference recently.

stage 2 – However, it might be worth exploring putting my music up on spotify through an aggregator, so that it gains more exposure, and could get on to discover playlists.


I kept my Facebook updated and linked to my blog each week to keep it interesting. I also put up pictures when I was doing something interesting to make it more visual for viewers, such as a particular microphone I used.

Stage 2 -To improve my Facebook page, I’m going to update my info, make sure my contact details are on there such as my email, and social media links. To improve my Facebook presence, I’d like to do a live stream of me working in the studio to help boost my service, and gain more interest from followers.

Facebook groups

Stage 2- I am joining more music groups on Facebook such as Brighton Bands & Musicians, gear/selling pages, and open mic groups to help promote my service as a Producer/Engineer, as you never know who might get in touch.


During Stage 1, I didn’t really put any videos up on my channel as I felt I didn’t have the time to invest into doing it regularly. However, recently I have been uploading a new video each week. They haven’t got a lot of views, but I am glad to be documenting my journey as a producer, as I can see how much work I’ve been doing over the last month. Stage 2- To gain more views, I could use more music/audio related tags, or even use fake tags to get more views.

Instagram -Stage 2

I am thinking of setting up an instagram to show my work as a producer. It will be an online visual portfolio of studio sessions or audio posts. I can use a lot of tags to generate interest from followers, and get more interaction. It will be interesting to see what happens with it.

Business Cards – Stage 2

I have been considering business cards for a long time, and I have reached the point where I’ve been out somewhere and wanted to give a potential client my details. Usually I direct them to find me on Facebook, but that’s not easy sometimes. So to make it easier, I will get business cards printed, and always keep some on me.


I have gained more clients over the last couple of months through word of mouth and also getting in touch with friends, having catch ups/ almost business meetings at the same time. I like to gain clients through word of mouth and personal recommendations. I hope to gain even more through my new stage 2 marketing campaign.









This week I have been busy, and been working on my client’s EP. We met up at the studios on Monday, and got one of the tracks finished. I’m currently working on another track from her, focusing on the bridge, and straight after. Trying to get the flow right, and adding what I think needs to be in the track. It’s hard as a Producer to do this without the client being there to say whether they like what you’re doing, or they don’t. However, I am just trying things out, and then I will check with her at a later point.

Vid update here



Today I had a 2 hour session with Molly working on one of her tracks. We are in the process of working through the arrangements and getting them solid. It’s exciting to work with Molly, as she’s not afraid to try new things, and she knows the sounds she wants to add by showing songs for inspiration. It’s also testing my skills as a producer to use my programming techniques, and how to achieve what my client wants.

We are hoping to continue working on the tracks over the break, and then start to lay down the vocals.

Producer Session

Today, I was going to work with one of my clients, but unfortunately she had to cancel. However, I got to see another client, Molly, this afternoon, and she asked me if I want to produce her FMP EP, and co- write a track with her. I immediately said yes and I am really excited to work with Molly! As soon as she played me one of the tracks that she’s working on, I was amazed and really inspired by her songwriting skills. It’s been brilliant to see how far she has come as a songwriter within a few months.

So I’m meeting with Molly again on Friday, and we will work on getting the two tracks so far solid.

Check out a vid review of my day here