Social media progress

Have I hit my social media targets?


My main target was to generally increase likes, engagement and reach. I have managed to do this over the last month, so it has increased. However, I would like it to be more consistent or constant. In order to do this, I need to post more and maybe pay to get a higher reach on posts. However, over the whole course of the year, it has increased steadily, and that’s what I’m pleased to see.


I tried to link up my insights of my Instagram account to my Facebook page, but I wasn’t able to as I don’t have enough followers. (You have to have at least 100 followers). Since posting videos tracking my progress as a producer, I’ve had up to almost 50 likes and 20 views. This is more than I was expecting, so I’m pleased with these results. I have definitely hit my targets so far, but I would like my Instagram presence and follower count to increase over the next 6 months.


Twitter hasn’t really been a success as I keep forgetting to tweet! So it’s not really a helpful tool for me. Instagram and Facebook are definitely worth investing my time into. I use Twitter more to professionally stalk contacts and keep up to date on other producers / artists.



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