Steady Progress 19/5/17

This week I’ve steadily progressed on promoting myself. My videos have been getting between 16 and 20 views on Instagram and over 20 likes. This is all due to the hashtags I’m using, which is helpful in gaining new followers and people noticing what I’m doing. I try to document my working process and focus on talking about something specific that I’m doing, which keeps the videos concise and easy to watch.

I am also volunteering at The Great Escape Fest in Brighton over the next couple of days and I have already been talking to people and trying to make new contacts. I’ve gone up to people and introduced myself, asking them questions and telling them a bit about me to gain interest, this technique has worked well so far, so I’ll keep doing it. I’m currently a venue rep assistant, just carrying out any jobs the Venue rep wants me to do, and assist other staff when needed. Tomorrow night I’m at a different venue assisting the sound engineer which will be a good opportunity to gain new contacts.



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