Other Female Producers

Looking at other female producers and how they promote themselves on social media. How they are getting on the map in the industry.

I’m specifically looking at producers who are not as well known, as I am still an undiscovered producer. I want to start to get discovered, and break into the industry.



Genres: Hip Hop, Trap, R&B

How she got known: Wikipedia says: “WondaGurl became a protege of Boi-1da and often works with Travis Scott. WondaGurl sent a beat to Drake via Instagram, which landed two placements, “Used To” and “Company”, featuring and co-produced by Travis Scott, on Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. WondaGurl also sent a beat to Travis Scott, who passed it on to Jay Z, which became the song “Crown”. WondaGurl has worked with other major artists and producers since then.” 

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook

Nidia Minaj

Genres: Dance, Electronic

How she got known: “She’s one of the few female producers active in the experimental Afro-Portugese dance-music scene, which has produced some of the rawest, most invigorating club sounds in the world. Nidia Minaj is also one of its best.” -best 25 producers under 25 (red bull.com)

Social Media

Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter

Stats: Facebook and Pandora


Genres: Jersey Club

Social Media: Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter.

Stats: Uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pandora.


Genres: Electronic, Staycore

Swedish-based artist Toxe (fka Tove Agelii) is still in high school, but her unforgiving club sounds are central to the aesthetic of the rising Staycore crew. Keep your eyes on her.


All of these producers just create, and have a following on social media. By doing this, exposure eventually comes from the right people. Collaborating with other artists also works.


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