Client Session 28/4/17

Today was interesting. I started out helping my friend record her vocals for her project, and on my way to the studio I asked one of my clients if she would be around today. Luckily she was, and spontaneously, we recorded vocals for a new track that she wrote a couple of days ago!

The track itself was intense, I asked her what it was about, and strangely, what she’d written about, I had also experienced recently. We went for a take immediately, and as soon as she started singing, I could really get the vibe of the track, and I was excited!

I had needed to hear something different, and I’d really been searching for what my client had created. Every time I work with this client, I can see her progressing and developing as a songwriter, and this makes it really fun to work with her, as she has a lot of different ideas. It re evaluates why I decided to become a producer, and restores my passion for music!

We also used the Aston Origin condenser microphone, which I can definitely say is a rival to the Neumann U87. I actually prefer the Aston Origin over it, as it’s warmer and softer than the U87.

So it turned out to be a successful and productive day!

Also, I did a quick video to show what I was doing in the studio, and put it on my Instagram (rwsounds) I would have liked to do a longer video, or a live stream in the studio, but the studio I was in didn’t have wifi.


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