Studio Session 21/3/17

This afternoon I played drums in the studio for Danielle, and it was great to see her trying out different mic techniques. The first technique was Glynn Johns, the second one we created an original which we call DAB. This technique is putting the RE320 on the snare, and the SM57 in the kick, and the AKG C451BS low and at each side of the kit. This was purely experimental, and we found that it sounded better than the Glynn Johns technique. Then we tried one final technique of changing the wall to a reflective surface rather than absorptive, and positioning the C451Bs so one is behind the drum kit, and the other in front, but about two metres away. Danielle kept the RE320 on the snare, and switched the kick mic to a D112. This technique also worked, but the DAB technique was surprisingly the best.

Check out a clip of what we got up to in the session here










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