Nike Advert

I worked on this advert for a company called Make This Noise. I was given the brief by Tim Rabjohns, who is the director of the company. The brief was simple to understand, and I had two weeks to come up with some music.

Two weeks later, Tim came to see the first version. The feedback was positive, with a few things to tweak. Here’s the feedback:

“Style – good style – kick sound is good but not all the way through.
Arrangement – beat needs to drop in and out  it’s too consistent- need to choose where hi hats come in – it’s too early here
It would be good to use the kick drum on the cuts 
Mix – the string loop needs to be higher in the mix.
needs more compression to be more punchy.” 
So, I worked on a second version, and tried to incorporate some sound design into it, as Tim had said that he’d liked that on another person’s work.
A week later, I got feedback. I had improved, but there were still a couple of changes to be made:

“We felt that there were some nice developments in the track. The beginning was sparse and atmospheric and you chose to develop the music and tension in the right places and end where you should have. Well done for that. 

We thought the “mood” of your piece was good for this pitch but a little too dark and on the ‘scary’ side . It has to be tense and energetic but not too dark! Try muting the didgeridoo sounding instrument and the abstract sound design you did (sounds like a pitched down laugh). The drone is enough at this point with the already existing sound design. The track could grow in the middle using arpeggios or synths to add movement and momentum.

The violins at the end felt a little out of the mix and uncomfortable – try programming layers of strings going up scale to help the drama rise. Maybe use more reverb over the string section to give them a bigger wider sound. Bass parts work well in this mix, well done for the sub! 

Again we thought your production sounded good, but could do with adding some more layers of instrumentation that would beef up the overall piece. The drum parts could be much punchier and bigger sounding. Try watching some action – style trailers and listening to the big drum sounds they use. The mix was quite good although the crescendo was not convincing. Again, try to add more layers (can be subtle) and use reverb to create a larger grander sounding space. 

This was very good attempt and showed a strong sense of production and sound design values. We feel that if you pay attention to the feedback above, your pitch would sound even better in no time.(you are not required to do this by us) Well done.”

So, I worked on it as soon as I got the feedback, I have submitted it, and now awaiting the final feedback. Here are the three versions.

Here are the audio tracks on my soundcloud 




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