Next Time by Christelle Lamb

I was asked by Dean in my class to play drums on one of his client’s tracks. The song is called ‘Next Time’ by Christelle Lamb. Christelle is a music performance level 3 student at Northbrook College. I heard the track once, and then came into the studio to put something down. In the session, I rehearsed with the track, and a click track once, then we went for a take. We did three takes, one with jazz style hot rods, and two with normal drum sticks. After listening back, Dean really liked the hot rods, as it complimented the style of the track.

It was nice to just play, and not focus on the recording aspect of the session. I enjoyed working with Dean, and he also enjoyed working with me from the comment he has made to me: “A very proficient drummer with the ability to learn and understand songs very quickly, whilst also taking into account the sound and style you require for each individual track. I feel she interpreted the tracks very well and allowed for the song to build and flow effortlessly!”




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