Marketing Campaign Stage 1

Track 1 – Nike Advert

This advert has already been released and broadcast on TV, but the music that I have composed is different to the original advert. I can release the music on soundcloud to show what I have created. I can also write about my composing methods for the track on my blog, with screenshots to show how I made the track.


Track 2 – Next Time by Christelle Lamb

This track will show my skills as a studio session drummer. I played this track for Dean’s client. I will have to speak with Dean about getting a mixed and mastered version of the track, and whether I have permission to put it up on soundcloud, as it depends on how his client wants to release her music, or if she wants to release it.

During recording, I should have filmed myself playing to show what I was doing, but I did take pictures, so I can also write about it on my blog to promote what I did. 


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